Gamescom 2012: Check out the Blockier Side of Middle Earth with the Lego Lord of the Rings Trailer

Lego Lord of the Rings is another good lookin' game hitting in October, and it has a new trailer via Gamescom.

I hate listening to people complain that there are no good games these days. THERE ARE TOO MANY FUCKING GOOD GAMES OUT THERE. I mean now there are so many that can single handedly take up all of your video gaming time, and they're built for it.

It's usually the people who play these games, whether it's Call of Duty, Battlefield, Skyrim, Starcraft, or Warcraft or any other MMO for that matter, that are the loudest critics. People who play these games are the ones who won't try anything else because they assume it sucks. 

Ok, maybe it's not a lot of people who are saying there aren't good games out there, but I seem to be hearing it a lot lately.