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The final entry in the Friday the 13th Marathon has parts 7 (The New Blood) 8 (Jason Takes Manhattan) and 9 (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday). 


Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood Trailer

The first Friday the 13th came out in 1980. Part VII came out 1988. That's seven movies in eight years. This particular entry from scheduling to release took only six months, and it still made a healthy profit for Paramount. That doesn't mean I enjoyed it as much as the others, although Jason, being played for the first time by Kane Hodder, looked really gnarly, with his spine being visible and decaying flesh everywhere. 

As I was watching it I kept wondering why all the kills were so toned down, so I did some research and found out that it was indeed heavily edited to avoid an x-rating. Too bad, coulda been right up there with Jason Lives as one of the best in the series, but instead, it's pretty much shit.

There was admittedly a small window where I thought the final battle would save the movie. See, theres a psychic/telekinetic girl as the main character, and when she gets mad, or generally upset, she is able to use it a lot more, kinda like young Magneto in X-Men: First Class. Anyways she and Jason are having a pretty epic battle, with her throwing shit at him with her mind, breaking random objects over his head, and eventually setting him on fire inside a house that inexplicably explodes moments later after she and her friend have escaped.

If the movie had ended right there it would have been somewhat okay, buuuuuut no. Jason isn't dead, he grabs the Magneto girl, WHO FIGHTS BACK AND ENDS THE BATTLE ONCE AND FOR ALL BY SUMMONING HER DEAD FATHER OUT OF THE LAKE, WHO DRAGS JASON DOWN UNDER THE WATER. Yes, you read that correctly. This movie sucked.

Best Death: when the credits rolled. That meant death for the movie.Finally.

Body Count: 16


Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan Trailer


JASON IS BACK IN HIS MOST DISSAPOINTING PERFORMANCE OF THE SERIES! Seriously. I had high hopes for this one. I faintly remembered the trailer from when I was a kid and thought "Jason goes to New York? That's gonna be fucking awesome!" Well, it wasn't at all. He's only in Manhattan for the last third of the movie, most of it he's a stowaway on a boat that supposedly contains the senior class of Lakeview high, which must be real small because theirs only about ten people on board.

Oh yeah, Jason got resurrected this time when a different boat that was passing through Crystal Lake decides to drop anchor and settle down for some tomfoolery. But that anchor drags some sort of power cord that eventually electrocutes Jason's body, which is still in the fucking lake for some reason. He goes Frankenstein and wakes up and kills those poor folk on the boat. That boat drifts downriver (I'm guessing here) and saddles up next to the Lakeview High senior class boat, so he gets on and slowly kills everybody, save three or four who get to Manhattan.

Guess what, Jason came with them to Manhattan. Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. He kills a few stereotypical junkies, a cop, and a few leftovers from the Lakeivew High class. He eventually gets melted down by the toxic sludge in the sewers of New York, crying like a little bitch . This was the lowest grossing movie of the series, for good reason. It fucking blows.

est Death: Julius, the boxer. He tries to take out Jason with his fists. He eventually wears down, and tells the zombie that has killed like everybody he knows to take his best shot. What does Jason do? KNOCK HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF.

Body Count: 19


Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday Trailer

THIS IS IT! THE FINAL FRIDAY. At least the final Friday the 13th that I will be talking about in the Friday the 13th Marathon series. Jason did eventually go to space in Jason X, which was ignored a year later, as far as continuity is concerned, for Freddy vs Jason

This one actually starts off pretty cool, as you have a girl who goes solo into the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake to supposedly take a shower. When Jason (who looks pretty good considering he was pretty much melted in Jason Takes Manhattan) tries to attack her, she runs into the woods and reveals the trap: a shitload of FBI agents with guns. They blow him up, and his still beating heart is taken to the morgue. At the morgue his heart is eaten by the doctor, who takes on the role of Jason (can't really explain that one).

Over the course of the movie the Jason role is assumed by several different people, who pass it to one another with various disgusting methods. At one point we get to see the Vorhees home, which conveniently has a copy of the Necronomicon from Evil Dead, which had to be the source of what caused all this in the first place. It's also revealed during that the only way to kill Jason for good is if it's done by one of the Vorhees family members, and luckily there is one around to finish the deed. When she encounters the classic "Jason" as he bursts through the floor at the end she uses a mystical, magical dagger that kills Jason for good. 

We get a sweet fucking Easter Egg at the end, as Jason's mask sits on the ground, it gets pulled underneath by Freddie Kreuger's hand. 

Best Death: The Camper Deborah, who got stabbed through the back with a metal post and ripped in half.

Body Count: A series high tying 23