Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie IMAX Policy Trailer Warns Moviegoers To Shut the Fuck Up

I hate it when people talk or use their phones when I'm sitting in a theater watching a movie, I made a point of this in my review for Ted last month. That's why I take examples like this IMAX Policy Trailer that uses clips from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie very seriously.

Yes, I'm a total dick about it, but for fucks sake, I don't go to movies to hear about your social life. I do not give one shit about you or your friends when I'm in a dark theater, TRYING to enjoy a hopefully good film. Even if the movie is the worst piece of shit ever and people are walking out, I don't want to see the bright lights on your new Android phone. I would be perfectly okay if they confiscated them at the door, like they do guns in those mob movies when the warring families meet up. Or smacked you for disobeying, as long as they pause the movie for the standing ovation.