Five Favorites from Bruce Springsteen aka “THE BOSS” – #MusicMonday


It took me until only a few years ago to truly appreciate the music of Bruce Springsteen, who also goes by THE BOSS. That's a gangster nickname if I ever heard one.

When I say "5 Favorites" I'm saying these are five songs of Springsteen's that I like. I haven't thought of a definitive top five for Boss because there is still so much of his work I haven't listened to yet. The more and more I hear adds more favorites.For instance, I'm listening to Darkness in the Edge of Town, in it's entirety, for the first time as I type this.

Darkness, released in 1978, marked the end of a forced three year hiatus from recording, some contract bullshit. Could you imagine how much pressure he had to deliver on that one? After three years of anticipation then you release a bomb, something we've seen many times over the years. Leave examples in the comments section if you can think of any.

Back to Darkness, it's pretty incredible. One song I had heard of but never really heard (you know what I'm sayin?) is Streets of Fire. Here he tearin' through that song in Houston via 1978. As is always recommended with live Music Monday videos you should listen to it with nice headphones, cranked as high as is comfortable.

It's Music Monday people. I've been busy runnin' errands all day. Just got back from Trader Joe's, a store that I have found out is INCREDIBLE since I moved to California. I did not think it was going to be my type of place to shop at, but hey, I was wrong. Which is rare. So rare.

Anyhow, hit the jump for more favorites from the man they also call Bad Scooter