DouBle B’s College Football Picks – Week 8 (Updated With All The Picks)

It's College Football Season! I've decided to give my inconceivably accurate predictions on who I think will win in each top 25 (according to ESPN at least) matchup, plus the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars. Look for it each Wednesday, sometimes Thursday or Friday's.

Week 7 "Expert" Analysis

Washington vs USC started ugly and stayed ugly, especially for the Huskies, who had every chance in the world to make it a winnable ball game. But Keith Price fumbled at the three yard line when he could have pulled his team within 3. He also threw two picks. I'm not blaming the game solely on him, it was a team effort in suck and the Trojans worked hard for their 24-14 win.

I didn't see the Cougs game against Cal, but it sounded pretty ugly. Apparently Wazzu was moving the ball okay, but they couldn't punch it in, which has been a recurring problem all year. Cal won 31-17, keeping Mike Leach winless in the Pac-12.

SEEEEEAHAWKS! Man it still feels awesome that they were able to take out those fucking New England Patriots. Now to do the same against San Francisco on Thursday. Hawks win that and you know they're for real, which I'm not exactly sure the Patriots are (BAM). For my story on that game, which includes Walter Jones raising the 12th Man Flag, Richard Sherman talking smmmack to Tom Brady, and an insane Brandon Browner hit on Wes Welker (who played for Mike Leach at Texas Tech. Leach called him "Chicken Hawk") , CLICK HERE.  

My Co-DouBle B Reviews Games of the Week were both exciting, but ended up not going how I picked 'em. Notre Dame took out Stanford very questionably in overtime 20-13, while LSU defended their home turf for a school record 22nd time as they escaped South Carolina's rally for a 23-21 dub.  


I'm going with #4 Kansas State's trip to Mountaineer Field to take on #13 West Virginia. Although it's lost a little bit of luster due to the ass whippin' Texas Tech gave the Mountaineers last week, I think this will be a fantastic game to watch.

Thursday, October 18th

#3 Oregon Ducks(6-0, 3-0 Pac-12)
Arizona State Sun Devils (5-1, 3-0 Pac-12

Hmmph. I had no idea ASU was 5-1 against a schedule of mostly jello pudding. Unfortunately the Ducks aren't jello pudding, but more like crack. And no I can't really explain that last sentence. It basically means the Sun Devils will be put in their place.