DouBle B’s College Football Picks – Week 6 (UPDATED WITH ALL OF SATURDAY’S PREDICTIONS!)

Saturday, October 6th

9AM (PST) - Kansas Jayhawks at #7 Kansas State Wildcats

I have a friend who went to Kansas, so I would be happy for him if his team were to pull off the big upset. But I think they have about as much of a chance as the basketball team did against Kentucky in last season's National Title game. So, there is definitely a chance, especially when you have the rivalry factor.

9AM PST - UConn Huskies at #22 Rutgers Scarlet Knights

I don't know much of anything about either one of these teams. Ummm...Uconn is a traditionally solid, if unspectacular program, and Rutgers is where Ray Rice went to school. That's about it. So. We're gonna have to go with a tie breaker. And this one (like many will be) goes to who has the better basketball team.

9AM PST - #24 Northwestern Wildcats at Penn State Nittany Lions

I give you a hint who wins this catfight: Their school DID NOT have one of the biggest scandals in sports history rear its ugly head over the last year or so.

12:21 PM PST - #20 Mississippi State Bulldogs  at Kentucky Wildcats

Annnnd another SEC team ranked in the top 20, although three out of the four teams they beat (and not overwhelmingly handily if you know what Im sayin') are Jackson State, Troy, and South Alabama. What have they proved? But Kentucky, who has proved that they aren't very good, are 1-4.

12:00 PM PST - Arizona Wildcats at #18 Stanford Cardinal

This Pac-12 matchup is very intriguing. Will Arizona bring it? How well has Stanford recovered from gettin' beat by THE HUSKIES! Man, that game was awesome. Anyways this one is very tough to call. I think Stanford's D is up to the task, but as far as their offense, that young qb might be a little rattled after getting that first taste of shittiness on National television. I'm gonna go with the upset here.

12:30PM PST - #4 LSU Tigers at #10 Florida Gators

Uhhh I didn't think about this one when I was picking my Game of the Week. This is one of those great games that tells you who's The Real Deal Holyfield and who's the ear biting-era Mike Tyson. Both are comin' in with the image that the world wouldn't explode if they were to pull off the win, but one of them's just gonna go down punching...and possibly biting.

LSU hasn't played well the last couple of weeks, but I want to have faith that the team who beat the living shit out of Washington 41-3 is really, really good.

12:30PM PST - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at #15 Clemson Tigers

Over the last two weeks G-Tech had some serious salt in the open wound. On September 22nd they lost an overtime heartbreaker to Miami, 42-36, then followed it up with a 49-28 loss loss to Middle Tennessee the next Saturday. The Tigers are gonna make it three weeks of shit.

12:30PM PST - Iowa State Cyclones at #15 TCU Horned Frogs

I think this is going to be a great game. Both teams have top 20 defenses, TCU only gives up 7.3 points per game, and Iowa State twice that, which isn't too shabby. If Iowa State wants to be taken seriously, they should win this game, then take out Kansas State next week. My prediction: Cyclones 3-3 by October 14th.

12:30PM PST - #17 Oklahoma Sooners at Texas Tech Red Raiders

I can't wait for a playoff system. Oklahoma. I don't really have a fucking clue how good they are, I just think it's unfortunate that teams like the Sooners are pretty much out of the hunt with over two months left in the season. Well, yes, I guess they aren't exactly done, cuz they have potentially massive games left against Texas, Notre Dame, West Virginia, and TCU.

But first they gotta get by Tech, who are 4-0, with an offense that throws for 358 yards per game and a defense in the top five in the country. I've always been about Tech since Mike Leach got there, and that hasn't changed. Fuck it....

3PM PST - Washington State Cougars at #14 Oregon State Beavers

With all the passing yards the Cougs are capable of throwing, they always have a chance. But they just haven't been getting it in the end zone enough (25ppg), and they're giving up too many points (32.6 ppg). They couldn't beat a Colorado team that some were predicting would go winless and now they play a very good team who has only beaten very good teams in their three games. It doesn't add up to a victory for the Cougs.

4:00PM PST - #5 Georgia Bulldogs at #6 South Carolina Gamecocks (DouBle B Reviews GAME OF THE WEEK)

Like the LSU/Florida matchup, this is one of those where another peice of the  College Football pecking order puzzle is placed. In other words, it basically eliminates a team from the title hunt. Each of the past three years South Carolina has dropped an early game that has put them in the pile of mediocrity.

This season, as much as I hate to say it, could be different. I got to watch the Gamecocks sophomore defensive end Jadeveon Clowney tear apart Kentucky last week and was reminded how much of a fantastic player he is. But Georgia might have an ever better player (for now at least) in linebacker Jarvis Jones.

Very tough game to call. A few weeks ago I would have never said South Carolina.

And I'm not now either.

4PM PST - West Virginia Mountaineers at #11 Texas Longhorns

Another hum-dinger. West Virginia averages 53 points per game, 3rd in the country, Texas 47.3, good for 9th. Geno Smith threw for eight touchdowns last week, Washington Huskies QB Keith Price has thrown for five this whole season.

The pressure is definitely on Smith and his Mountaineers, a week after thrilling the country with one of the most ridiculous passing games in College Football history, what do you do for an encore? In Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, which seats 100,000 no less. That's hard to live up to. 

5PM PST - Florida State Seminoles at North Carolina State Wolfpack 

Undefeated. Still believe it.

5PM PST - #21 Nebraska Cornhuskers at #12 Ohio State Buckeyes

Two teams I don't really have love for. So we're gonna have to go to another tiebreaker, the same method as the Rutgers/UConn game: who has a better basketball program?

7PM PST - #25 UCLA Bruins at Cal Golden Bears

I still very much enjoy watching this Bruins team. Brett Hundley and Jonathan Franklin are BAAAAAALLLLLEEEERS. Cal I haven't seen yet, but their 1-4, so I'm just gonna go ahead and completely base my pick off of that.

7:30PM PST - #23 Washington Huskies at #2 Oregon Ducks

Sigh. If miracles only came every week. This is a seriously brutal stretch for the Huskies, who I think are pretty solid, but Oregon? They're the class of the Pac-12. Seriously, they've beaten the crap out of us for nearly a decade, so I would be perfectly fine if we paid them back.