DouBle B’s College Football Picks – Week 6 (UPDATED WITH ALL OF SATURDAY’S PREDICTIONS!)

It's College Football Season! I've decided to give my inconceivably accurate predictions on who I think will win in each top 25 (according to ESPN at least) matchup, plus the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars. Look for it each Wednesday, sometimes, Thursday or Friday's.


Week 5 "Expert" Analysis

What can I say, I'm a Husky fan, so after last Thursday's win over #8 Stanford, there was absolutely no way I could have a bad football week. Yes, the Seahawks loss to the Rams was absolutely pitiful, but that didn't spoil it. Nor did the Cougs 51-26 loss to #2 Oregon, because as my buddy Big Mike, a WSU alum who attended the game at CenturyLink Field with my other buuudy Max, seemed quite happy with the results, as indicated by his text: "WE COVERED THE SPREAD!"

As for my game of the week, I must say that I really know how to pick em. West Virginia vs Baylor was one of the best shootouts you'll ever see. The final score was 70-63, IN REGULATION, meaning no overtime. Geno Smith went from being a "possible Heisman frontrunner" to the undoubted #1 right now after throwing for an insane 656 yards and 8 touchdowns.


I'm gonna go with #5 Georgia at #6 South Carolina for my Game of the Week, although there are plenty of contenders, including Geno Smith and #8 West Virginia with their trip to #11 Texas. Georgia/South Carolina will eliminate a national title contender, West Virginia/Texas will just be high entertainment. Both should be great games.

By the way, my buddy Max suggested that I put the times on each game, so I will. All will be in Pacific Standard Time aka WEST COAST TIME!

Thursday, October 4th

6PM (PST) - #13 USC Trojans at Utah Utes

USC. The team nobody pays much attention to anymore. If they were an SEC team and lost that early in the season they would have a chance to recover and still have a national title chance. Buuuut the Huskies pretty much ended any possibility of that with their victory over the Cardinal, who beat the Trojans a few weeks back. Still, Trojans win this game handily.