DouBle B’s College Football Picks – Week 5

Saturday, September 29th

#25 Baylor Bears at #9 West Virginia Mountaineers

My game of the week kicks off Saturday's gridiron action, and I think it'll also be the first upset. Mountaineers QB Geno Smith has been mentioned as a potential front runner for the Heisman (whatever that actually means), that talk will be over by the time the NFL gets going on Sunday. Bears. Bears. Bears.

Tennessee Volunteers at #5 Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia is one of four top ten teams from the SEC, but the way I think of it is this: it's LSU and Alabama and nobody else comes close. What sucks is that the Bulldogs don't have to play either of those teams until the SEC Championship game, so we might hear a lot of National title talk until then, unless South Carolina or Florida can pull off the upset and knock them off. I don't think Tennessee does it at the least.

#14 Ohio State Buckeyes at #20 Michigan State Spartans

If Vegas put betting odds on what they thought my chances of picking Ohio State were, it would be at least ten to one. But what can I say, I'm gonna pull off the amazing and actually pick the Buckeyes in this one, which probably signals their doom.

#17 Clemson Tigers at Boston College Eagles

Despite the loss to FSU last week, I think Clemson is the real deal, in fact I think they'll run the table the rest of their season, including their last game on November 24th against South Carolina.

#4 Florida State Seminoles at South Florida Bulls

Even with a "letdown" FSU would win by 20. Like I said last week, I think it's going to be a 12-0 regular season for The Seminoles.

It has been a long time since I enjoyed watching a player as much as running back Chris Thompson. If you haven't heard, he BROKE HIS BACK last season and it was  thought he might never walk again, and football might only be a dream. But he's back, and he's lethal.


#24 Boise State Broncos at New Mexico Lobos

B. B. B. Broncos.

Towson Tigers vs #3 LSU Tigers

T.T.T. Tigers. LSU Tigers.

#6 South Carolina Gamecocks at Kentucky Wildcats

C. C. C. COCKS! (Last one, had to do it.)

#15 TCU Horned Frogs at Southern Methodist Mustangs

I don't know much anything about SMU this year, except they have the coach who used to be at Hawaii when they had record setting quarterbacks like Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan.

I haven't seen much of TCU, but I know they're very good again this year.

#12 Texas Longhorns at Oklahoma State Cowboys

I haven't seen either team much this year, but on paper it looks like it's gonna be a very entertaining. Both teams are in the top ten in the country in scoring, with the Cowboys at #1 by putting up 62.3 per game, and the Longhorns at #7 with 49.3.

I'm gonna go with the upset here. Cowboys.

#19 Louisville Cardinals at Southern Miss Eagles

I actually picked Southern Miss, Brett Favre's alma mater, to upset Nebraska the first week of the season. I won't make that same mistake against the Cards.

Wisconsin Badgers at #22 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska should be jacked full of pride in the wake of Athletic Director and former coach Tom Osborne's announcement that he will be retiring. No disrespect to Mr Osborne (seriously, he was the man while coaching Nebraska and beyond), but I hope the Badgers tear them a new asshole.

Ole Miss Rebels at #1 Alabama Crimson Tide

Think about this: What percentage is higher, and pretend that they can honestly only pick one answer, the Ole Miss fans who want their team to win, or the Ole Miss fans who have accepted the fact they will lose and want their team to just not get their asses kicked like the rest of the Crimson Tide's opponents. Roll Tide!

#18 Oregon State Beavers at Arizona Wildcats

This is that point in the season where Arizona can find out if they're kinda for real, or are they still in need of a season or two under new coach Rich Rodriguez to become a Pac-10 title contender.

I think OSU shows them the door to option B.

#2 Oregon Ducks at Washington State Cougs

I had seen one of those new Bud Light Fantasy football commercials where those people are talking about how their Bud Light had three sacks or whatever, and I sent an inspired tweet referencing Al Bundy in Married with Children. My buddy Big Mike, a loyal Wazzu alum, had a reply.   

That, in a nuthell, is the kind of day I expect for the Cougs.