DouBle B and Rika Talk Macklemore – #MusicMonday

I’m not saying that Macklemore is just like Falco, and right now it might seem that every time I write something for Double B it’s about Falco, but I assure you my report is purely an observation.

Rika: Brett introduced Macklemore to me by playing the “Thrift Store” song on YouTube last Wednesday, which five days later remains my favorite song of his. Being absolutely blown away and humored by it, I quickly listened to all of his other songs and immediately realized similarities to another singer/songwriter I’ve written about before. Besides the fact they are both handsome with a European charm, their unique beats, humor and of course the darkness they carry are extremely similar.

Falco and Macklemore both decided to be one-name artists and entirely eliminate their original names Johann Hölzel and Ben Haggerty, respectively. I wonder if it has anything to do with the internal turmoil they both might carry. And yes, I will talk about like Falco like he is still alive. By the way, here’s a shout out to Macklemore: “I hope you have better luck then Falco did. You’re pretty damn awesome!” Maybe the new name stands for a new beginning, a different and better person to strive for. I don’t know, but it’s definitely not something I can ignore when comparing these two goofy guys.

Falco is of course still my number one because Macklemore is limited by his vocals. He’s an amazing rapper comparable to Falco but lets his singing be done by his buddy Ryan Lewis and other guest artists, which are an incredible addition to the Macklemore Music Family. I wonder if Macklemore ever sings in the shower or if he strictly sticks to rapping. Falco on the other hand has an amazing and beautiful singing voice, which is openly portrayed in his songs.

When I heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' “Other Side” I became determined to write something about him and Falco being so similar. “Other Side” is a song about how drugs can pull you in and under to where it seems God can’t even do anything for you. Falco’s “Out of the Dark” song has the same theme. The lyrics are a bit more emotional and from a deeper place. He sings about how the drugs are calling him; that it felt so good to let go and not resist; to give in to the calling but when he was there, in this dark place he wanted to come back into the light. You lose your “SELF” when you’re in that place and destroys your body and mind. Both these songs are pretty amazing and beautiful and have made people reflect upon themselves to find the strength to get better.


So, I hope reading this will make people see the beauty I’ve found in both of these artist. The humor and darkness in the form of incredible musical talent in which their charm can’t be ignored.