DouBle B and Rika Talk Macklemore – #MusicMonday

Today is a very special Music Monday, as I'll have Rika join me in talking about our favorite new (to us) artist: Macklemore.

DouBle B: I had never heard of Seattle rap artist Macklemore until last Monday, when my buddy Mike Adams from West Seattle posted a picture of himself and his girlfriend (and my friend too) Rachelle proudly holding cd copies of The Heist, which Macklemore and Ryan Lewis collaborated on. Both Mike and Rachelle have very good taste in music (If I recall correctly Mike likes to sing Prince songs at Karoake nights, which is evidence of said taste), so I had to check it out for myself. And I did, on Spotify,  Like, right after I saw Mikes picture.

It took about two minutes to see why The Heist went #1 on Itunes, it's simply a fantastic, hilarious, and emotional album that digs deep into subjects like, addiction, recovery, relapsing, and...thrift shopping. Having spent a good chunk of my life in Seattle, its incredibly refreshing for me to hear a rap artist that I enjoy who talks about various locations like Capitol Hill, Othello, and Genesee Park from the perspective of somebody who's actually been there.


Before I go I must say that while today's piece is (properly) titled Macklemore, I definitely am a fan of his collaborator, Ryan Lewis. His soft voice gives the album a depth and, a lot of times, sadness. 

You want to know what the most surprising aspect of the album is? How much Rika likes it. She's is not a rap or hip hop fan at all. So I had to ask her to share her thoughts: