Don’t Know How I Missed This Musical Bioshock Infinite Commercial in December


[amazon_link id=”B003O6EB70″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bioshock Infinite[/amazon_link] is due out “sometime this year”. You should buy it now while you have the money, just click on the link.



Bonus Videos: this should give those of you who aren’t familiar with the Bioshock Infinite and its two predecessors liiiittle history lesson.


The debut trailer for ‘Infinite‘ showed up in August of 2010:



Whats the hell is going on here? Well, for one thing, the first two Bioshock games (both took place underwater, in a fictional city known as Rapture. The trailer makes you think right away that “oh, this must be Bioshock 3, because it’s underwater and shit” but NOPE. It takes place in Columbia, a city suspended in the air by blimps and balloons.

Yep, that shit was crazy to see, but then we got shown the ten minute gameplay video that dropped some fucking jaws. Like I said,if it’s anything like this……………


Last up, the fifteen minute gameplay video from E3 2011.