Dishonored Video Blowout! (Including Video Reviews)

It's release day for Bethesda Softworks latest masterpiece Dishonored, the  follow-up to the amazing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In celebration I'm gonna do like I did with NBA 2K13 and throw another Video Blowout! where I share some videos I've been checking out and give my thoughts on each.

Lets start with a video first released two months ago, titled Daring Escapes, which has our protagonist Corvo Attano, fresh from a not so perfect infiltration of the Boyle Mansion, and his options on how he should choose to deal with the City Watch :

What caught my eye: The Long Jump sequence has an awesome decapitation move around the 50 second mark. Sleep tight was just tight, I love how you can look through the keyhole at your pursuers, plus the whole stash the witness in the trash can? That's ridiculously awesome.  I'm nnnnnot exactly sure how Chain Possession actually works, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it too.