David Morrissey to be The Walking Dead’s ‘Governor’

According to Dread Central, David Morrisey has been tapped to play 'The Governor' in season 3 of the AMC hit 'The Walking Dead'. Now if you look in my archives you'll know I have mentioned the character of 'The Governor' more than once, including my post 'AMC Expands Walking Dead, Set's Mad Men's Return'.  In that one I showed you the first four panels of the comic book where the character is introduced. In short, he's a fuckin' lunatic.

This confirms the prison building plot from the comics, which is insanely fucking awesome. Fans of the comic may have also noticed a potential Season 3 plot spoiler in the comic cover I used when I first posted my review of the last Walking Dead Episode ("Triggerfinger"). If you noticed it and email me what that spoiler was, I will give my Nintendo DSI that I don't use anymore (*As of 4:50pm on August 22nd, 2012 nobody has claimed this). It's got a few games too, like Final Fantasy IV, and some Mario game. I shit you not. I will even buy you a new power source for it because I lost time and I don't know where the fuck it went. I bought it from my cousin Brenna and it was great but I never have the time to use it anymore. Back to Morrisey. This guy has 73 entries in his IMDb resume and the only one I've seen is Centurion, which was fucking great but I couldn't tell you which guy he was. I just hope he brings it.

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