Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly – #MusicMonday Album of the Week

Spotify has an embed feature called the Play Button that I didn't know about until recently. So I've decided I'm going to use it for a new Music Monday Album of the Week segment. Here's the catch. You need to have Spotify. It's fucking awesome, and it's free. Just click the link on the first word of this post (the one that says Spotify fuckheads).

In celebration of Super Fly showing up on Instant Netflix, the 25th Anniversary Edition of the soul/funk masterpiece soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield is the DouBle B Reviews #MusicMonday Album of the Week.

Being a fan of the funk, but never much of a scholar in it, I used always point to two songs by Curtis Mayfield as classics: Pusherman and Super Fly. But that's only because I hadn't ever listened to the rest of his collection, which is filled with song after song that just makes you feel....I don't know...cooler is a way to put it.

For you newbies to the ways of Mayfield, the soundtrack to Super Fly is a great intro to his sounds. The first three songs are particularly badass, starting off with Little Child Runnin' Wild, followed by Pusherman, then one of the greatest funk songs of all-time in Freddie's Dead. Track 23 on the Spotify playlist has a great interview with the man himself, where he describes the process he took while making the album. He was heavily involved with the movie and got the feeling of it just right, so right its one of the few soundtracks to ever outperform the movie.