Bobbya 1984’s One Year Anniversary, I Salute You

I first wrote about IGN's resident Call of Duty badass Bobbya1984 in November, when I happened to throw in one of his commentary videos as a bonus to IGN's video review of Modern Warfare 3. I've been a big since, and highly recommend watching his videos, which are an entertaining way to learn how to kick the shit out of fellow COD players.

Now, just to clarify, when I say "resident Call of Duty badass" I'm not saying that he is the best COD player in the whole company. Because Im guessing they have a couple of gamers over at IGN (A GIANT FUCKING COMPANY) and thus would be naive to think they're can't be somebody who can beat him (he does finish in second place on his own team in this video), which might be the first time I've seen him do that.

Anyways last week marked the one year anniversary of when he began posting his pretty fuckin awesome commentary videos of him playing various Call of Duty games. Seriously he's probably half the reason I've played a considerable amount of hours of COD in the past year. To boot, if he is correct it is also his 50th commentary video (he didn't sound quite sure). Congratulations Bobbya1984, keep that shit comin'!