Ben Folds Five Joins Forces With Rob Corddry, Anna Kendrick, and Fraggle Rock – #MusicMonday

Ben Folds Five were a decent 90's band, with piano driven songs that had a tendency for humorous, and, occasionally angry, lyrics. They broke up "amicably" in 2000, got together for a one-off performance in 2008, and now have officially re-formed to record a new album, titled The Sound of the Life of the Mind.

If I'm saying they're "decent" then why would I be honoring them with a Music Monday post? Because they released a video for the first single off the new album, and it has cameos by Hot Tub Time Machine's Rob Corddry, Up in The Air's Anna Kendrick, and the cast of Fraggle Rock. Ok, forget  about those first two, it's Fraggle Rock that I'm here for.

Although I couldn't tell you the slightest bit concerning the actual plot of the late, great Jim Henson's show, I know I watched it a lot as a kid, and have continued to hold it high in terms of sentimental value. Is it because it had Muppets? Hell yes.

So here's the video for Do It Anyway, a song that is itself very so, so. It's not as good as Weezer's Keep Fishing video that had Kermit, Mrs Piggy, and The Muppets, but it's still pretty rad.