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PlayItBlack’s Bracket Challenge 2015



I've been very sick with food poisoning over the last few days, so this morning when I woke up I was very determined to rest, drink fluids, and say f-all to the idea of putting together a Bracket Challenge.

But it took about an hour on the couch of watching analysts talk, talk, talk of the greatest sporting event of the year (meaning years that the Seahawks don't win the Super Bowl) before the March Madness spirit overtook me.

Yes, I've decided to give rid of all of my blu rays, and then some.

First things first: Click here to join The PlayItBlack Bracket Challenge 2015: http://goo.gl/bYCaZp It's insanely easy, you don't even have to know jack shit about college hoops, seriously. I consider myself very knowleadgeable and completely suck at these brackets.

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DouBle B and his buddies started a new site, Play It Black, which focuses a little more on video games, Twitch broadcasts, and…coming very soon at least…podcasts. We'll still talk a lot of sports, movies, television, and music. Its already kicking ass although we're just starting. Please visit us by clicking on the pic below.



DouBle B and The Hawk Twitch Test: DBR Legends League G2 vs Rockets (XB1)

Anybody lucky enough to tune in right, will witness history. Hawk and DouBle B are Twitchin' the DBR Legends League Playoffs NBA 2K14 edition, gettin' our game ready for PlayItBlack.com. It's the Seattle Supersonics, lead by Kevin Durant, Paul George, and Josh Smith vs The Houston Rockets, who bring Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki.

Let's ball.

Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

Brent “The Hawk” Walker’s NFL Divisional Playoff Round Picks

Note from DouBle B: The site has been on a nearly six month unnannounced hiatus since I started my new job in Seattle. But it's not dead. I plan to return full-time in the future, just not quite yet. In the meantime I am accepting guest posts by anybody who feels like they want to talk about Sports, Video Games, Movies, Television, Music, or Whatever. Don't expect too many of them right away. But we got a good one today from my good buddy Hawk, who's making his picks for the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs:
The NFL Playoffs, the most exciting time of the year.  As we head into the divisional round, this is Brent "The Hawk" Walker stepping in for DoubleB to make my picks.
Sunday, January 11th
Saints at Seahawks
1:35pm PST
Century Link Field

As a die hard Seahawks fan I will never pick against them. Especially in the playoffs, and certainly not against this Saints team.  I don't expect to mop the floor with them like the 34-7 beatdown we handed them last month. It should be much closer this time around, as Brees and company now know what to expect from the mania that is Century Link and the 12th Man.
But then again I wouldn't be surprised if we dominated yet again.  The Saints are not a good road team pure and simple. Don't give me this crap about how the monkey is off their back after they won the first postseason road game in franchise history at Philadelphia last week. That so called explosive passing attack only put up 26 against the Eagles who have the worst pass D in the entire league. The Saints defense is much improved under Rob Ryan this year, but they still have a long way to go. The Legion of Boom will hold Brees to 200 yards max.  Marshawn "the Beast" Lynch will will run all over their sub par run defense, and Percy's return will add another dimension to this inconsistent Hawks offense.  
Seahawks 27 Saints 17


Colts at Patriots
5:15pm PST
Gillette Stadium

Jesus Christ, how is this Patriots team 12-4 with injuries galore?

Most will say its because Tom Brady is just so good. That's Bullshit. Statistically, he has had one of the worst seasons of his career. They benefit from a shitty division where 6 of their games are against the JetsDolphins, and Bills (none finished above .500), and they are so damn lucky it is ridiculous. Belichick clearly sold his soul to the devil to eek out so many barely wins against horrendous teams.

I must admit Andrew Luck seems like the real deal, especially after pulling off the second greatest comeback in playoff history last week against the (overrated) Chiefs. Unlike most Pats opponents this year, the Colts and Luck can put up points. But their defense is worrisome after giving up 44 points to Alex Smith and KC despite the electric Jamaal Charles being out after the first drive. Indy has been inconsistent all year, but seem to play better against good teams, hence wins against the Seahawks, Broncos and 49ers in the regular season. I expect a shootout but Brady just doesn't have the offensive weapons to keep up. Especially with his security blanket Rob Gronkowski out. Brady cries after yet again not winning a ring post spygate.


Colts 38 Pats 35



Sunday, January 12th
49ers at Panthers
Bank of America Stadium
Aaaah this will be fun to watch. Two of the best defenses in the league will slug it out like two prize fighters, and mark my words, they will be talking shit the entire game. Cam and Kaepernick are two of the most exciting young Quarterback's in the NFL (but I will take my guy Russell Wilson over them any day).  They both still make terrible decisions when under pressure, while Wilson throws that ball away. The two QBS in this game will throw at least 2 picks each.
But, at the end of the day, Fuck Kaepernick. He cant handle loud crowds. Carolina hasn't been in the playoffs for a while and the crowd is gonna be rowdy.  The Panthers are gonna be hungry.  Kapernick will choke and lose this game late.  
Panthers 16 49ers 13




Chargers at Broncos
1:40pm PST
Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Many will argue that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.  5 MVPs and single season records falling all year, you can make that argument…well not really. He is possibly the greatest "regular season" quarterback of all time. But his postseason record of 10-12 or 9-11 or whatever it is, quite unimpressive. The stats dont lie: Peyton chokes in the playoffs. He has his whole career. That being said I dont think he chokes quite yet.
Not against the Chargers, who snuck into the playoffs on a blown call in week 17. Yes, the Bolts beat the Broncos in Denver a few weeks ago but they wont do it again. Peyton has never quite had the weapons at receiver that he does with his current team.  He will make a few bad throws maybe throw 1 pick but Welker, Decker, and the two Thomases, Demaryious and Julius, will bail him out. Rivers cant quite keep up with the highest scoring offense in NFL history
Broncos 31 Chargers 21


2013 NBA Finals Micro Movies for Games 1-6 to Get You Jacked for Game 7

There can only be one…


I've been really busy at my new job, but I'm starting the hang of things and hope to be posting more content on the site(meaning with more regularity)… soon. And even though I'm missing out on oh-so-important sleep I'm just so f####ing excited for game seven tonight that I thought I would share with you what I've been watching this morning.  

See…the NBA released these amazing Micro-Movies of the 2013 NBA Finals, and they show a behind the scenes look of both the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat as they've gone through what has been a fantastic battle. Legacies are at stake. Tim Duncan and his Spurs are already great, but with another title they would be legendary. LeBron still has plenty of years left in him, but each year without a title most def hurts his quest for consideration as the greatest player of all-time. Awesome.

Without further ado because my eyes are growing heavy, check out the 2013 NBA Finals Micro-Movies, starting with game 1: