Assassin’s Creed 3’s UK Launch Trailer Reminds Me of a Certain Flying Mammal Franchise

Holy fuck this game looks amazing. But I'm torn.

Should I buy it when it comes out in November, or should I take a stab at the older Assassin's Creed games? The way I would do it is start at AC2, which I've already played for a few hours and know it's pretty great.  I've heard the first one had good intentions but kinda sucked. Is it worth it to play that way? Note that AC2 is only $20 via XBox Live's Games on Demand service. It might be just as thrilling to me to play those older games, as long as I don't try the new one. Usually in a case like this when you play the new one you will be able to tell how dated it is the second you turn it on.

I'm just gonna have to think about that one, it's not like I have time to play much video games these days. Anyways, without further delay, the UK Launch trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 makes it looks as awesome as I hope it is, if you know what I'm sayin':
Awesome. Isn't it? You know, I noticed something that funny to me. This launch trailer has a theme to it, and it is is RISE, which is identical to another blockbuster release that came out earlier this year. What was the name of it? Oh yeah...

The Dark Knight Rises. It was in a shitload of ads for The Dark Knight Rises. Association is a mindfuck. I guarantee that (maybe) it was on purpose.