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The Dark Knight Rises – 13 Minute Preview Shows Behind The Scenes Action, Possible Spoilers, I Wouldn’t Know Because I Won’t Watch It.

I found this 13 minute preview of The Dark Knight Rises via ENTV's YouTube channel. I won't watch for sake of spoilers, but if you feel like it, go right ahead. Will you be at The Dark Knight Rises on opening day? Sound off in the Comments Section!


The Hobbit’s Comic-Con Poster Features Gandalf in the Shire

Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, as well as it's upcoming two-part prequel, The Hobbit, revealed an exclusive Comic-Con poster for the Hobbit, one that shows Gandalf in the Shire, via his official Facebook page, with his personal note: "Hi everyone. Here's an exclusive Comic Con poster. Be sure to get […]