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Tomb Raider’s E3 Crossroads Trailer – Lara Croft is Having a Bad Day

Last month it was announced by Square Enix that the highly anticipated reboot of the Tomb Raider series was delayed to March 2013, but that's not gonna stop them from showing off what they have at next week's E3 conference. Here is a glimpse of some gameplay, and Lara Croft getting beat up a lot, […]


Every Inch of You, New Material from The Darkness, Has a Video

Every Inch of You is the latest single from The Darkness, who recently got back together and I can't wait to see live. Seriously they're in my top two or three bands I have to see soon. Warning: probably not safe for work, with the hot girl stripping and all. It's pushing the boundaries of […]


The Bourne Legacy – Sneak Peek, Intro By Hawkeye

"Hi, I'm Jeremy Renner. Nobody seems to know that I was in The Avengers, but that's okay, here's a sneak peek at The Bourne Legacy!" Yes, I forgot to put this in as part of today's Thursday Trailer Shootout!, luckily my buddy Max reminded me about it. But this movie looks good enough to warrant […]