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Bobbya 1984’s One Year Anniversary, I Salute You

I first wrote about IGN's resident Call of Duty badass Bobbya1984 in November, when I happened to throw in one of his commentary videos as a bonus to IGN's video review of Modern Warfare 3. I've been a big since, and highly recommend watching his videos, which are an entertaining way to learn how to […]


Jimmy Fallon’s Downton Sixbey Episodes One and Two

There are countless Downton Abbey parodies out there, but Jimmy Fallon's Downton Sixbey is by far the best I've seen yet. It's premise has the WWI era setting replaced by the inner workings of a late night talk show. If you haven't seen the real show (Downton Abbey fuckheads), it's oddly addictive, probably the most […]


Gamespot’s Diablo III Video Review

Diablo III has been out for a few weeks now, and it's addicting gameplay has PC gamers all over the world smelling terribly from a lack of bathing. The game is also big enough to where we are now just seeing full reviews. Guess what, it's pretty friggin' awesome, at least according to Gamespot's Associate […]


Jimmy Kimmel’s This Week in Unnecessary Censorship Bleeps Dora the Explorer, CBS This Morning, and the NBA Playoffs Among Others

Jimmy Kimmel's This Week in Unnecessary Censorship just had their latest tribute to the FCC on Thursday. Included are bleeps from CBS This Morning, Extra, Celebrity Apprentice, the NBA Playoffs, Dancing with the Stars (I think), The Bachelor, Entertainment Tonight, and Dora the Explorer, among others.