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Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Short Film Is Awesomely Terrifying

I like this trend of the live action short films as a means to promote video games. We saw it a few weeks back with Ghost Recon Alpha, and now there is this powerful entry for Metro: Last Light (due out Q1 2013), called Enter the Metro. Once again, I don't know if the game […]


Skyrim To Get Mounted

You may have noticed that posting has been a little slow on the site the last few days. There is a reason for that, and it's called Skyrim, which has just been added to the Games on Demand feature on XBox Live. Now I don't have to change the disc out every time I feel […]


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Red Band Trailer Features A Lot of Twirling and Hacking

Hmmmmmmmmmm………Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It looked pretty promising to me when the first trailer was released back in February, but after seeing this red band edition I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to get, besides a lot of twirling and hacking. But that's movies for you. One red flag that I just read about […]